the goat. some lead, others follow...

barista prepared coffee. food. people. dogs.


why the dancing goat?

well... it's a true story you know…

why are we called the dancing goat?

back in the 9th century, a lovely Ethiopian Goat herder named Kaldi lost his Goats. They wandered off. He searched high and low and eventually found them in a low lush valley ‘dancing’. literally. oh and they were grazing on these little red fruits… what we know as a coffee bean..Kaldi, ever inquisitive, filled a can with these fruits and took them back that night to the camp, placing them by the fire. as the night progressed and no doubt some wine was consumed the tin of beans got knocked into the glowing embers. wow. the smell as the coffee roasted was divine.. as the fire cooled they raked out the now beans, ground them up and added them to hot water... the rest, they say, is history. the dancing goat.

look it up. we believe it. we are the dancing goat. 


the dancing goat coffee roadshow

serving barista prepared coffee and delicious homemade food

horsebox or marquee. you decide. we'll be there.