the dancing goat roadshow

horse box or marquee. you choose.


goats roam free, fearless, sure footed and confident.. we make coffee anywhere. literally. we have the solution to your event. festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate functions, activity... whatever it is, we can help. 

the difference is we do it goat style. a unique style. with taste both in coffee and presentation. we always look the part. you’ll want us back again and again. most of our bookings are repeats from previous years. we rock. 

get in touch… ask for more. we’re happy to chat. a goat chat. whether you need our converted horse box or a more sited solution we’ve got it.


book it. it can be yours. we can be yours.


need us for a day or two?

a longer event? a few more people? we can literally ‘pitch up’ with the marquee


sometimes your event needs something bigger. something constructed from reclaimed timbers, canvas and scaffold.. maybe festoon lighting.. a proper ‘stand’. it's nice to settle in. get the kettle on. play some music and perform our act. If you need us for more than a day or so we like to get constructing. Always innovative and using materials to reflect our brand and your event we sit well and ‘add’ something to your bash. we’re not a man in a van. we’re so much more. really .we are the Goat. 

get in touch. our events team are friendly and happy to discuss anything pretty much!

naturally we are fully insured, have huge public liability, are registered with environmental health (we’ve got 5 stars-the most you can get) and risk assessments can be provided. we’re fun but we are at all times professional so once booked you needn’t worry. relax. we’ve got it. done. 

specification: serves up to 1000 happy customers per day. keeps the rain off and the happiness inside.


the horse box

we turn up, brew awesome coffee, leave... like we've never been... you just feel great.


originally an ifor williams 505 horsebox we lovingly converted it into a mobile coffee love machine.. running a stunning marzocca 2 group linear espresso machine and temperature controlled Simonelli grinders we can make the finest coffee in any location. ok we may need power and water but even that can be overcome if necessary. nothings impossible. 

naturally we also offer premium cold drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and all manner of delightful products..

your demands dependant we can also offer a range of Sourdough Toasties and we’re currently obtaining licensing to be able to offer Cocktails. Espresso Martini anyone?

specification: serves up to 1000 happy customers per day.